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Maker All-Electric Vertical Takeoff And Landing Aircraft Review


Introducing our inaugural all-electric, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) – Maker by Archer. Maker is a fully autonomous vehicle for 2 passengers, and can fly at 150mph for distances of up to 60 miles.

source: Archer / image(PrtSc): Supercar Blondie

Its purpose is to advance our work on certification and development of our key enabling technologies. On the back of 20 years of advancements in electric power systems, our team has built an affordable, safe, and low noise eVTOL aircraft.

These aircraft take off vertically like a helicopter, fly forward like an airplane, and are 100% electric. Archer is redefining transportation for today and for generations to come, leading the next transportation revolution.


Along the craft’s 40-foot wingspan there are a total of 12 props. Six can be tilted between hovering and fixed-wing flight modes. The other six are fixed and only used during hovering and when transitioning.

Archer’s aircraft have multiple sensors and computers that allow our vehicles to safely take off and land autonomously. An Air Data System, Radar and Laser Altimeter, Quad Redundant Flight Computers, Weight on Wheel (WOW) Sensors, and Downward Facing Cameras work in harmony for safe, seamless movements.

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