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Making A Hydraulic Aheet Metal Box And Pan Brake Machine


On this video, we present the making of a unique, hydraulic press that can be used during the making of metallic boxes and baking pans. This structure owns the number of 0130 in our collection and it weighs approximately 500kg. It took us about a month to complete it. Even though, this kind of press requires much detail, its function theoretically is relatively simple.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

On its upper surface, there are the metal dies which are the ones keeping the iron plate still in order to be able to bend from a particular point. While the upper part is keeping the iron plate still, the lower part of the press is moving to push the iron plate to bend. The part, where the dies are located is connected to the part that moves to bend the material.

It is made in such a way so that the part which keeps the iron plate to exert more strength than the part which pushes the iron plate to bend. In this way, the more strength is required to bend the material the more strength to resist we get.If our machine is set accordingly, it is able to bend materials of various thickness. Our press has 19,6 tons strength as it can keep two hydraulic pistons of 80mm thickness.


The iron plate can be placed at the back of this machine in order to bend the material while moving forward and vice versa.Our machine has also the capability to bend boxes from 2cm to 100cm and up to 20cm long. Even if this creation is unique; it is completely functional and it is an amazing tool that is very useful to us./

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