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Making a Motorized Monowheel Powered By 110cc 4 Stroke Engine – By Make it Extreme


Vehicles with four, two and even three wheels aren’t extreme enough for you? How about something with just one wheel! The idea may sound extreme, but the science behind monowheels is solid, using many of the same principles that a bicycle or unicycle use to stay in motion and upright.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

The making of every handmade motorbike has been always an exciting project,imagine in this case referring to a monowheel! The Make it Extreme team built their own 110cc 4 stroke engine monowheel from scratch.

Despite all the difficulties and challenges that we faced making this structure, it was still an incredible and exciting project to complete. The monowheels are very unstable in low speed but very stable in speeds over 30km.


The monowheel is a machine that has only one wheel and the driver sits inside it. The wheel is leaded by other smaller wheels and it is moved by the machine through a rubber wheel, which is connected with the main wheel.//Make it Extreme

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