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Making a NITRO 4-Stroke POWER File Belt Sander


Sometimes, commercially available power tools and equipment are outrageously expensive. While some people spend thousands of dollars on tools, you can save a lot of money by making your own. A power file belt sander is used in sanding, polishing, shaping, and finishing woodwork and other materials, but buying one can be costly.

source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

Here in this video project from JohnnyQ90 We’re talking about a nitro powered rotary tool. Based on a Toyan FS-S100 nitro engine, commonly used in R/C cars, johnnyq90 machines almost all other parts in his shop to make a really cool POWER File.

The mini belt sander has a number of feature that make it easy to use. It weighs in around 2kg, making it easy to handle and light enough not to wear you out.


Although there are many advantages in making your own power file, you should know that it consumes a lot of time. You also need to have certain equipment and skills to make it. Before building your own homemade belt sander, watch the video from JohnnyQ90.

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