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Making A Vossen Wheel Out Of a Steelie Wheel


Vossen Wheels is one of the most prominent wheel companies in the world. Unless you live under a rock, you have undoubtedly seen many beautiful cars running Vossen wheels. The YouTube channel Garage 54 has put this idea to the test, by transforming a steelie into a Vossen wheel replica.

source/image(PrtSc): Garage 54

The finish product looks like the real deal and is a quarter of the price or something that looks like it, made of standard steel. It is entirely possible to make your own rims, with a design that is unique to you and will never be seen anywhere else on Earth.

For this project the Garage 54 use a standard steel wheel which goes through several modifications including adding five large spokes and welding them to the wheel’s main body.


Then, the inner part of the original wheel is removed and the new rim is painted in black with contrasting silver for the spokes.Once the DIY Vossen-inspired wheel is finished, it needs to get a matching tire and go through the wheel balancing machine. The Fianal is Vossen Wheel five-spoke monoblock design which looks amazing and if you had only one word to describe this wheel, it’s clean.

VIAGarage 54
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