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Making a Wooden International LoneStar Truck


This video provides an insightful look into the process of crafting a wooden International LoneStar truck, emphasizing the talent and skill of Vietnamese artisans. You will witness their passion and finesse in working with wood to create a unique piece of art.

source.image: Woodworking Art

The craftsmanship and expertise of these Vietnamese artisans are indispensable in the creation of this vehicle, and they bring pride to the woodworking profession in their country.The video has been uploaded by Woodworking Art on YouTube.

This Lonestar truck I built it from original wood planks, it took a lot of time and meticulous process of chiseling every detail and designing the moving parts for the car.


The model was built almost entirely of wood and the only metal elements included were screws to hold the different parts of the vehicle.ther working components include the steering and the suspension.