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Making Bench From Old Reclaimed Oak Beams


Recently I was building old style vine cellar. Which was finished with old oak beams under ceiling.That rustic look and texture was really something special. Since than I wanted to make something from old beams.

source/image: Slovenian Woodworker

Luckily in Slovenia there is no shortage of old beams. They can be found on every corner.I got smaller pieces of beams from a house nearby that was renovated.Beams were unfortunately quite short so there was no much use of them.But i took them becouse they were really old and nice looking.

After some time I got an idea for what can be used. I decided to make beam bench. Bench from old oak beams. I put them one on another and admire that old texture. Than I got an idea for beach actually. I thought what if I keep the outside look and texture and I remove the inner wood. Than I could have a bench with storage and if i make it like so the opening / the lid isn’t visible or hidden , i thought that this woud look cool.


I had quite fev difficulties mostly because oak beams were full of old nails and metal. One I almost hit with bandsaw. Beside that. This beams are 150 yrs oldAnd oak that grows in Slovenia is crazy hard. So in all that time it got even harder. Anyway making this beam bench was lots of fun and now is proudly standing in our cellar.

VIASlovenian Woodworker
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