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Making Walnut Coffee Table With Fluted Base – ” Stitched ” Coffee Table!


“For the most part of this coffee table I use Walnut and some Maple for all bow-ties. I do like River tables with epoxy etc.But this platform and other sites are flooded with videos and pictures of River tables.There was no way for me to built epoxy river table. Table that I built it has similar design but for me much better choise than epoxy.”via: Slovenian Woodworker

source/image(PrtSc): Slovenian Woodworker

The most interesting part is that some 5 years ago we had ( as to my knowledge ) the first real Tornado in Slovenia. Tornado missed our house just by little and when all passed away it has left a trail of broken tree’s behind. One of them was our big old Walnut tree./Slovenian Woodworker

Shortly after I resaw it into slabs and one year after I took it to local kiln. It gives me much pleasure that our Walnut with rich history has now become part of my furniture. That’s right.. I made this coffee table for myself.


Tables of similar design usually have minimalistic feet/legs so the main focus is on the table top. Downside to this is that coffee table doesn’t have any room to store or put basic living room items.So there I got the idea to make it look like a Stump and to have room for 2 shelves .To give it stump/ tree like appearance I carved lines out so it has that fluted look. After sanding i finish all with two part polyurethane. To built this coffee table from start to finish it took me around 6-7 days./Slovenian Woodworker

VIASlovenian Woodworker
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