Home Technology The MegaRamRunner, a Six Doors Monster Dodge Ram!

The MegaRamRunner, a Six Doors Monster Dodge Ram!

This truck was built By MegaX2 and the guys at DieselSellerz for the 2014 Sema Show. Nicknamed as the “MegaRamRunner”, this exclusive truck is successfully reincarnated from a crumbled up 2012 Dodge Ram 3500.

source/image: Badass Diesels Club

DieselSellerz built the Mega Ram Runner with six doors and four giant octagonal stacks in the bed. Under its hood sits a compelling 600hp 6.7 Cummins.

It technically is an automatic transmission , custom built, six-door cab, long bed truck, which looks literally fascinating. This truck has five ton military axles with matching tires and wheels and a custom suspension with coilover shocks.


The rear bumper is also fitted with two flush Diesel Power Gear 6-LED cubes for those pesky tailgaters.One of the most loved features on this truck are the custom built Quad Octostackz that are tucked up against the custom headache rack built by our good friends at Mallory Engineering.