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Mansion Yacht World’s Largest Floating Mansion


Meet the next craze in yachting by Mansionyachts! Have your personal Mansion take you everywhere you want to go.The mainson is 84ft fully motorized Mansion Yacht made of stainless steel that you can even drive to your destination, a custom made boat house.

source/image(PrtSc): Alfred Montaner

This floating vessel does 5 knots and can draw 36 inches. In most cases this would be considered a home that money can’t buy. The owner of this amazing Floating Mansion is only selling to make another bigger home with 20 Staterooms. Watch the video from
Alfred Montaner for more info:

The entire Mansion has over eight thousand square feet of livable space. This Mansion is currently being shown at the Suncoast boat show in Sarasota Florida. The asking price is 12 million dollars.


Several versions of this all new class of Mansion Yacht have been designed for use as both a Mobile and Stationary Restaurants or Bars, Boutique Hotels, Marinas, Clubhouses, and Event Boats. Explore through our digital renderings and see if there is design that fits your use./mansionyachts

VIAAlfred Montaner
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