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Custom Built 1967 Economac Van Truck


“EconoMac” is a home-built transformer truck with an articulating van cab that will blow your mind! Inquiring Minds Want to Know I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This, What Is It? 1967 Econoline Van chopped between the side doors and the rear moved up to where it was cut. The result, a Mini Tractor Trailer. How Many Are There? It’s 1 of 1.

source/image(PrtSc): jjlightning

How Long Did It Take To Build? Since she makes me work for a living It took me 14 Years! Is The Chassis Custom? Yes it is. Great Color, What Is It? 2012 Jeep Gecko Green. That 5th Wheel Is Pretty Clean, Do You Haul Anything With It?

It’s meant to look authentic, its not real. What’s It Got For An Engine? 351W Ford V8. What Is The Transmission? T5 Manual 5-Speed. What Is The Rear Out Of? Mustang. Do Both The Rear Axles Work? Take a peek and you tell me.


Who Did All the Work? Dale. Aside from the actual paint and interior, he did all the fabrication, made the chassis, cut the van, did the welding, the electrical, the wiring, everything!!! Judy chose the color and graphics. What Made You Do this? Just because.