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Twin Turbo Custom 200MPH Modified Ford Maverick


Thid Award winning 1971 Ford Maverick has made a name for itself in Ohio due to its turbo speed and perfect blend of classic and modern style. Unveiled at SEMA 2018, the twin turbocharged Windsor based 427 powered hot rod won awards at pretty much all the major car shows in the US, and it went 202.7mph.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

Owned by racing driver Jimmy Shaw, the Ford Maverick, which was originally produced as an economy car, has become a rule-bending ride – putting the 70s car back on the map.

There are several modification made to the body.But it is still all 1971 Ford Maverick The Gaps are tighter.The fenders have a slight flare to them.The body lines are more exaggerated and sharper.


The interior is all custom and very fitting for the build.I see the Ford Maverick like Fords version of the Chevrolet Nova and they both make cool Hot Rods when done right.The front is still 71 Ford Maverick.But much more aggressive looking than stock.Everything is done in good taste.