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Martin Jetpack Personal Flying Machine From Concept to Reality


The Jetpack technology has a purpose-built gasoline engine driving twin-ducted fans to produce sufficient thrust to lift the aircraft and a pilot (or equivalent weight) to take-off and land vertically. It uses advanced composites to produce a lightweight structure with high safety factors.

source/image(PrtSc): Martin Aircraft

The Martin Jetpack is designed for safety, reliability, interoperability, maintainability and simplicity.The story behind our Series 1 Jetpack from the rationale behind the current development to the latest phase of the testing programme.read more: martinjetpack

It uses a gasoline engine with two ducted fans to provide lift, it can carry 120 kilograms. It is specified to have a maximum speed of 40+ km/h, a flight ceiling of 2,500 ft, a range of 15–20 km and endurance of about 28 minutes flight. Empty weight is 200 kg.


The Martin Jetpack is a “game-changer”. With its small footprint, it can be rapidly deployed from a trailer or truck by the Specialist group conducting the mission.The Martin Jetpack offers all of the excitement of flying a jetpack, while also providing notable safety features including structural protection for the pilot and a ballistic parachute.

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