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Starship Self-Driving Robot Package Delivery

A Starship robot completes a delivery in Sunnyvale, CA. The robots have now travelled hundreds of thousands of miles and completed tens of thousands of deliveries around the world.

source/image(PrtSc): Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies have built the world’s leading commercially available autonomous delivery robot. The robots have been running in 100 cities and 20 countries, in the aim to bring affordable, convenient and efficient on-demand delivery to consumers and businesses./Starship Technologies

They deliver groceries, takeaway food and packages on a daily basis in 6 cities across 4 countries around the world.Each robot has a sensor suite to enable it to drive autonomously, avoid obstacles and cross roads safely.


The robot is locked during a delivery and has tracking to the nearest inch, cameras and alarms.The electric-powered rovers ride on sidewalks at a pedestrian speed (max 6 km/h), can be remote-controlled if autonomous operation fails, and will only be used for relatively short-range local delivery./Starship Technologies