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Matchless Model J Sport 1923 MAG 1000cc Two Cylinder


The flat tank still has the original paint all other parts has been repainted in old-style look. The machine is a highlight on each oldtimer event. The first Matchless motorcycle was made in 1899, and production began in 1901. Matchless was the trading name of Collier & Sons, the father Henry Herbert Collier and his sons Charlie and Harry. The Matchless tank badge was a winged “M”. Like many motorcycle manufacturers of the time, they had started as bicycle manufacturers.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

They produced a JAP V-twin powered bike in 1905, with one of the earliest swing-arm rear suspensions, coupled with leading-link front forks. Charlie won the inaugural TT singles race in 1907 at an average speed of 38.21 mph in a time of 4 hours 8 minutes 8 seconds. Harry did not finish in 1907, but won in 1909, and Charlie won again in 1910, bringing Matchless motorcycles to the attention of the public.

Matchless made mostly singles, but they also made V-twins from 496 cc to 998 cc. They made their own engines from 1912 on. Matchless was not given a contract to make motorcycles for the army during the First World War. Peacetime production resumed in 1919, concentrating at first on V-twins for sidecar use, leaving singles until 1923.


In 1926 Henry Collier died, and by 1928 Matchless was a limited company. Matchless engine suppliers were MAG and JAP. This rare Model J with MAG engine has been restored in 2010 it´s equipped with electrical lightning, bulb horn, foot controlled clutch, three-speed countershaft gearbox (cylindrical gearbox is of Matchless’ own design), automatic exhaust valve lifter, coupled to the kick start mechanism and primary transmission by Coventry silent chain.