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Wingamm Brownie 5.8 Fiat Ducato Small Luxury Camper


Only Wingamm’s mastery in the exploitation of interior spaces made it possible to create this semi-integrated model that has no comparison on the market.This Wingamm Brownie is a highly prestigious family-orientated compact motorhome, designed to deliver a stylish, modern, and luxurious experience.A compact, 130 bhp Fiat Ducato-based with an AL-KO chassis and body lengths of 5.89m.

source.image: miniCampers

It features a L-Shaped dining area behind the cab passenger seat which can be rotated for use as an additional dining position, as can the driver’s seat. This seating area provides travel belts for two passengers. The unique and beautiful olive wood dining table top superbly accents the airy and minimalist interior design.

The fiberglass monocoque body, with a new decisive, muscular and sporty line, is combined with the Fiat Ducato engine with very light Al-Ko low frame, with independent wheel suspension, widened track and torsion bar longitudinal axle with special double-acting shock absorbers.


Brownie features two completely separate sleeping areas: the front drop-down bed and the rear bunk beds. The walls of the rear area are made of fiberglass-double shell, heated with our special X-Trafit system; maximum thermal comfort for an incomparable rest.