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Mazda’s New 2 Stroke Engine With Valves


Here we will analyze the new patent from Mazda presenting its new 2-stroke engine with valves. We review the 2-stroke gas and diesel engine and the 4-stroke engine to fully understand the differences.

source.image: Repairman22

Mazda has patented a new TWO stroke engine, “it combines everything. Valves like a 4-stroke engine that allow precse control of the gas flow. Key to this concept is the variable valve timing strategy, because in a two stroke, you only get compression or extract work from the products of combustion as long as all the valves are closed.

Diesel EGR system, which reuses gases to deep compression high like 16 to 1 and lower emmisions. One spark per RPM, like 2-stroke engines, doubling the use of the cylinder and reducing the size of the engine.


No oil burned. Air compressor like a 2-stroke diesel. Skyactiv system to increase the performace of each drop of gasoline and burn it as if it were a diesel. Achieving more efficiency. And finally, a very high compression ratio, close to 16 to 1.”