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MB-2000 Powerful And Compact Multifunction Mini Excavator


The mini excavator MB-2000 is a compact multifunction machine. It is small, powerful and versatile. Thanks to the small width of 814 mm, you can get to hard-to-reach places with this micro excavator.

source/image: Firma Jansen

It is equipped with a 6.5 HP diesel engine from YANMAR, which drives the powerful hydraulic system. It is conveniently started using an electric starter.

The scope of delivery includes the 30 cm, 40 cm and 60 cm excavator shovels, as well as a fang for loosening from the ground and a gripper for lifting e.g. Stones or tree trunks. The quick-change system is very practical and enables you to change the attachments in a very short time.


Gear and swivel allow a swivel radius of 360 °. Our MB-2000 also has another control unit on the excavator arm. This allows you to expand your work area and, for example, operate an earth auger on this excavator.

VIAFirma Jansen
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