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MECALAC e12 100%-Electric Excavator


The world’s first compact wheeled excavator running only on electricity, without compromising on battery life, performance and compactness.Winner of the Energy Transition Prize at the Intermat 2018 Innovation Awards.

source/image: Mecalac

In 2018, Mecalac is offering the first 100%-electric machine, which meets the three key requirements for the urban building sites of today and tomorrow: range, performance and compactness.It is a technological response inspired by the constantly evolving people, terrain and possibilities of urban building sites.

With the e12, Mecalac is entering a new chapter of its history, by making available an electric excavator.This landmark is being recognised by the range being the first to be allocated the letter “e”: “e” for electric, “e” for ecosystem, “e” for emission-free and “e” for emblematic.


The e12 is the logical conclusion of an approach that has been making building sites the best they can be since 1974, with ever-more versatile machines that reduce the number of engines on site, renders operating them as time-efficient as possible and makes them profitable to run.

The electric motors’ incredible power density make it possible to keep it extremely compact; they also require no maintenance. What is more, the e12 has a charging station that can be used to recharge it on site in six to seven hours.