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Meet Filthy – The 900HP Custom Burnout Truck


BOASTING a twin-turbo engine with more than 900hp – ‘Filthy’ is the world’s first full custom-road registered burnout truck./ Barcroft Cars

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

Owner Michael Lake, from ‘Truckin Stainless’ in Brisbane, Australia, spent seven years working days and nights in his shed to perfect his latest burnout model.Watch the video from Barcroft Cars for more info:

A ‘burnout’ is the practice of keeping a vehicle stationary whilst spinning its wheels, causing the tyres to heat up and smoke due to friction.


Michael, 42, built ‘Filthy’ specifically for the entertainment of burning out to crowds across Australia, but he also made sure to produce a vehicle that was practical and street-legal for his own pleasure. Barcroft Cars

VIA Barcroft Cars
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