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Meet Hummingbird – The Lightest Folding Bike In The World!!

The Hummingbird Bike, at 6.5 kg is the lightest folding bike in the world.Hummingbird frames are made out of carbon fibre , an advanced composite material used in aerospace and racing due to it’s high performance qualities in terms of weight, stiffness and vibration dampening.

source/image(PrtSc): Hummingbird Bike

Carbon fibre doesn’t just save weight, it can also be beautiful – proven by our immaculately laid Edition frame, hand built in England. Hummingbird’s high performance wheels allow our bikes to go faster with less effort.

Stronger and faster accelerating than larger bicycle wheels, Hummingbird’s wheels also reduce the overall length of the bike, making it compact and easier to transport while retaining the comfort of a full size bike.


Swinglock, Hummingbird’s pivotal folding system allows you to fold your bike in less than five seconds – release the the wheel under the frame, drop the seat and clip the the handlebars under the swing arm.

The Hummingbird is easy to fold and carry around: you can take it anywhere. It’s compact enough for an elevator and light enough to carry up the stairs, which makes it perfect for the modern urban commuter.