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Patriot Campers X1 – The Ultimate Off Road Camper Trailer!

The Patriot Campers X1 Camper Trailer is an ideal travel companion for off-roaders. It has a rugged off-road air suspension, linked to a galvanized chassis and powder-coated aluminum monocoque body with 2000 liters of storage space. It is a compact camper trailer with a length of 3.3 meters and a width of 1.85 meters and its only 1.75 meters high.

source/image(PrtSc): Patriot Campers

The left side of the X1 opens into a generous L-shaped kitchen that slides out under the awning for outdoor cooking and meal prep.., with a portable fridge, sink, and twin-burner gas cooktop, a mid-size gas grill on an articulated swing-out arm towards the front, and a tent with a king size bed frame and comfortable mattress built into the roof./Patriot Campers

The optional 60L fridge-freezer sits alongside the side-box door that folds down to reveal a large, stainless benchtop and pantry drawers. Two deep cycle batteries provide power for the LED lights, hidden marine-grade stereo, and various charging ports, and a gas water heating system ensures you can take a hot shower.


The tent is Australian-made with Wax Converters canvas, although this is a job Patriot has outsourced to a southern canvas shop. It’s good, though, as good as a soft-floor camper trailer tent gets..The X1 is short enough to fit into most garages where you can keep your trailer on charge,packed and ready to go. it’s also light enough to maneuver by hand.it’s as comfortable towing through the city as it is those 4X4 tracks up north and as the cliche goes “You hardly know it’s there!”