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Meet LSEV The World’s First Mass Produced 3D Printed Electric Car


The world’s first 3D printed car looks set to make production in 2019 and its maker believes it previews an “inevitable” change that’ll affect the whole industry.

source/image: Polymaker

Produced by Chinese company Polymaker and Italy-based vehicle manufacturer X Electrical Vehicle, the Smart-sized LSEV is almost entirely made using 3D printing technology, which creates parts from the ground up, layer by layer.

source/image: Polymaker

Powered by batteries and an electric motor, this love-child of a Renault Twizy and a Toyota iQ weighs 450kg and can reach a dizzying top speed of 43mph.Despite the fact that it’s slower than many 50cc mopeds, the LSEV could be the solution Chinese cities need.


A predicted driving range of up to 93 miles should be adequate for simply getting you in and out of the urban sprawl before returning to the same park and ride-style venue you picked it up from.

This prototype took three days to build, but Polymaker says a production line churning out 500 annual units is possible. Sales of the dinky city car, whose crash safety performance is so far a mystery, should start late next year, with prices of around $10,000.

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