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Meet The iTank 2.0, Tilting Three-Wheeler Urban Crossover Scooter


The world’s first luxury three-wheeled electric scooter priced affordably yet extremely well-built.Automotive design and technology crammed into a compact form factor. Not a jock ATV or a poorly-visioned electric bike. This is an all-new design and performance expression worth experiencing./Doohan Itank

source/image: Doohan Itank

The iTank 2.0 is powered with a 1500 Watt engine from Bosch. It is very easy to replace the battery because there is a storage box for a second battery. It has a removable high-performance lithium ion battery pack that charges in under 6 hours and gives you a 100km range on a single charge,it has respectable specs: from 0 to 28 mph in 4.6 seconds.

The ride has a low center of gravity and heavy duty, all-weather construction.The innovative and patented spring system ensures maximum stability.Even on poor roads and dirt terrain the iTank is easy to drive and ensures a safe driving experience.


Driving is therefore considerably more pleasant and easier than with conventional two-wheeled scooters.Enjoy sporty and economical driving in combination with urban functionality. Be prepared for the green, urban mobility of the future.

VIADoohan Itank
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