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Meet The Stan, The First Outdoor Valet Parking Robot!


Stanley Robotics is a French robotics startup created in January 2015 and developing an automated valet service with robots that can move any car. The driver drives his car into the parking garage entrance and gets out. Then he presses an onscreen button at the terminal that calls in the valet. A robot arrives, takes the car, and parks it all on its own.

source/image: Stanley Robotics

The robot is able to control all types of cars, at a maximum length of 6m, and can easily handle a 3 ton load,it is equipped with artificial intelligence which allows it to optimize parking lot space. The robot’s algorithm is able to park cars tightly to create new spaces.

The robot moves autonomously and adapts to different obstacles it might meet in its way. These different sensors allow it to scan its environment at any moment and adjust its movements.


A smart management system coordinates all the robots.When you need to retrieve your car, you simply launch the accompanying smartphone app and enter the pertinent details.

From there, you just wait at the designated area of the parking garage for your vehicle to be retrieved.The Stan robots work just as well outdoors as indoors.This is the first valet robot in the world capable of moving vehicles outdoors.

VIAStanley Robotics
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