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DIY Fix a Headlight With Water Or Moisture In It


Moisture in headlight or fog light? Learn how to remove condensation and moisture from your headlight or fog light.

source/image: ChrisFix

Find the leak, seal it, and prevent water and moisture from getting back into your headlamp. Moisture can cause your headlight bulb to blow out and reduce light output.Watch the video from ChrisFix for more info.

If you’re seeing more than a normal amount of moisture in your headlights, or if you’ve noticed more water inside the housing after a rain storm, you could be dealing with a cracked headlight or a problem with the rubber gaskets that seal it to the body.


Most of the time, gaskets can be replaced individually.Find it and you’ll find the problem. Even a small crack can let water in over time, so in this case you’ve got to get them fixed or replaced to fix the problem.