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Meet The WingBoard – That Allows People To Surf The Sky Like Silver Surfer!

Meet the WingBoard – the next evolution in aerial adventure sports! It’s wakeboard for the sky. Instead of slicing through waves behind a boat, you’re carving through the clouds behind a plane.

source/image(PrtSc): Wyp Aviation

The board is pulled behind a small airplane and can pull stunt-like aerobatic maneuvers if desired. The shape is designed to provide a stable center of gravity for the rider on board, while maintaining maneuverability.

The rider stands in an upright stance, similar to a wakeboarder, allowing himself or herself to lean and twist in all directions, while still maintaining a stable stance to brace against the towed forces.


The rider is attached to the board via a binding, similar to a snowboard binding, providing a flexible connection to the board.The WingBoard is unique because it’s really the only opportunity where you can stand and have the wind in your face, and control yourself in the sky.