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Meet the World’s Fastest “Backwards” Runner

For most of his life, runner Aaron Yoder has been steadily moving forward. Then, he took a turn. After an injury prevented him from competing in races, Aaron searched for a way to keep up his love for the sport without impacting his knee.

source/image: Great Big Story

He discovered backwards running, finding that running in reverse put no pressure on his knee. Today, he holds the record as the fastest backwards runner in the world.

Yoder has always been a goal oriented person. Whether as a runner or coach He is always setting new benchmarks to achieve. He hopes that eventually backwards running will be added as an Olympic event.


Yoder has been an assistant with the track and field team for six years, and has helped other programs in their offseason conditioning workouts. He has also served as the Staff Senate President for the past two years and is currently a member.