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Mini TOYAN L400 Twin Supercharged 4 Cylinder Nitro RC Engine


TOYAN Engine L400 is a brand-new platform specially developed for RC models. It is with high-simulation appearance, closer to the real engine, with a long stroke as the engine design model, effectively providing higher torque. This toyan fs-l400 is with 4 cylinder, double stronger power than the 2 cylinder FS-l200 series, the maximum speed is 13500 rpm. Displacement: 14.0cc (3.5cc*4), Output Power: 3.05ps.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

Very cool and powerful.This engine features exquisite appearance, superior quality, excellent craft, and strong practicability. In this video youtuber Warped Perception builds a twin compound supercharger system for the mini 4 cylinder nitro RC engine. Watch the video from the beginig to see the entire process how Warped Perception makes the two mini turbines and the exhaust system.

I’ve seen people on YouTube recently trying to make boost with these mini superchargers, with very little boost being made, all I can do when I watch these videos is shake my head, so I decided to show them how it’s done!.I made about 3 PSI of boost here which some may think is substantial but I think is pretty elementary, I’m looking for some serious boost pressure in the future.


In this episode I build the entire compound supercharger setup, and at the end of the video I tear the entire engine down.Originally I was going to include the full tear down video but I decided not to because I found it boring but if you decide that’s something you want to see, just let me know but in the next video with this engine where I use the toyan L400 engine For an upcoming project I’m probably going to build the entire engine from scratch and make some modifications along the way.Warped Perception