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Mini V8 Nitro Powered V8 Engine Drill


In this video youtuber TimWelds took is building an extraordinary drill using an engine, nitro fuel, and no batteries! This drill will be your most powerful drilling tool, ready to tackle tough jobs with unmatched speed and performance. It’s not often that you see someone holding and operating a V8-powered tool singlehandedly.

source.image: TimWelds

Take a close look at this high-powered drilling machine and enjoy the incredible power and technology it harnesses! Tim took one of Toyan’s working miniature V8 engines and retrofitted it to drive drill bits. The result is the loudest and most satisfying power drill we’ve seen. The video starts with Tim assembling the miniature V-8, which is worth it for the ASMR value alone.

After that he gets into the nitty gritty of designing a hilariously overpowered drill. All of these moving parts had to then be incorporated into a custom designed mount for the handle of an electric drill. The engine is small enough to be held in a hand, this tiny V8 still manages to produce around 4.3-horsepower and includes features like overhead camshafts, dual carburetors, and a cooling system with a radiator.


Built with 90 degree cross crankshaft structure. the engine features smoother operation, increasingly sensitive acceleration response with the highest speed up to 12500 RPM. The small all-metal exhaust manifold provide the engine a more vigorous and powerful sound. The lightweight structure of the engine enables impressive compatibility with RC models and greatly improved output ratio the unit power.