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Mini Watercooled Hit & Miss Gas Engine With Pump Ready to Run


A hit-and-miss engine or Hit ‘N’ Miss is a type of internal combustion engine that is controlled by a governor to only fire at a set speed. They are usually 4-stroke but 2-stroke versions were made.

source/image: JohnnyQ90

This particular engine was on the first batch of manufactured engines, that’s why you may see on the video some cosmetic defects.

The engine it comes with a pull start so you don’t have to crank it from the flywheel by hand as you see me on the video.Finally, I got my carburators to make the conversion on the v4.


This is a vertical engine, we have upgraded, added a mechanical water pump, cooling water tank, it can carry out water cooling cycle.Equipped with wooden base for easy placement and operation.Flywheel inner pulley can realize functions such as power generation or pump pumping.The outer pulley is easy to start by hand.via.more info: JohnnyQ90

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