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Miniature Gasoline Engine Powered Water PUMP


This is a miniature gasoline engine model with a diesel engine-like appearance and highly simulated appearance, which is closer to the real engine.

source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

It is carefully crafted from aluminum alloy/copper/steel material, with unique and exquisite shape, stable and reliable structure design, and easy placement and operation with the base. Watch the video by JohnnyQ90 where he builds a tiny water pump for the engine.

Excellent Personalized Gift: This exquisite engine model is easy to operate and full of fun. It can be played as a desktop model, as a collection of fine models, and also as an excellent personalized gift for mechanical crafts model lovers.


The double balance shaft design reduces engine vibration and runs more stable.Equipped with a high-performance igniter, the engine burns more fuel, and the power is better and stronger.

  • .Color: As Shown
  • .Material: Aluminum Alloy + Copper + Steel
  • .Engine Size: 94 x 83 x 56mm
  • .Base Size: 100 x 122 x 22mm
  • .Displacement: 3.5cc
  • .Speed: 1500-8000rpm
  • .Piston Diameter: 16.60mm
  • .Stroke: 17.00mm