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Minimalist 20ft Shipping Container Tiny House for $39K

Shipping containers make a lot of sense as a base for constructing a home. Structurally they are incredibly sound and because they are designed for marine environments, they are well equiped to handle pretty much anything that nature can throw at them.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

This is a 20′ free tiny house shipping container floor plan. It has the basic features for a full home living as a tiny house. As you would notice, it comes with a futon that can serve as a couch or a bed.

Tony Lopez and Chris Buonaiuto created this beautiful, functional, affordable (and tiny!) house in a used 8′ x 20′ shipping container.This shipping container home is designed to be on the grid for water and power.


It has a full bathroom, a functional kitchen, and a living room that easily converts into a bedroom.These guys designed some neat space-saving furniture like the sofa bed, the bar cart, and the stackable clothing storage that makes this space comfortable and livable.