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Minimax New Ultra-Compact Tazzari Electric Vehicle


MINIMAX is the new ultra-compact Tazzari electric vehicle, available in two versions: MINIMAX 45 is the light quadricycle L6e that can be driven in Italy with AM license and 14 years and MINIMAX 80 is the heavy quadricycle L7e that can be driven with B1 driving license and 16 years, or 18 years with B driving license.


The maximum in the minimum space: Compact dimensions but great performance and big comfort, super quick to save time in everyday commuting, can be parked easily like a scooter both city and garage where it takes up very little space, equivalent to a motorcycle.

Safety comes first thanks to the strong load-bearing passenger compartment frame in high-strength steel, to the automotive standard braking system and ABS.Great range with lithium batteries of your choice betweend STANDARD or BIG size, and 80 km/h top speed to dominate traffic in the L7e electric quadricycle version.The Minimax is powered by a front engine that produces 6 kW continuous and 10 kW peak power (Minimax 45) or 11.5 kW continuous and 15 kW peak power (Minimax 80).


The tempered glass sunroof is standard as well as the passenger compartment heating, the HVAC system with air conditioning is also available.Charging is as easy as in a smartphone: completes in a few hours and thanks to three speed levels is also possible by a household power socket as for the entire Tazzari EV Zero Emission Mobility range.