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MOBAS Hydraulic Folding Semi Truck Trailer


The folding trailer developed and built by MOBAS is known far beyond national borders in the timber industry.o reduce the LSVA fees, it can be hydraulically loaded onto the towing vehicle.

source/image: MOBAS AG

This means that only the towing vehicle is subject to tax when driving empty and it becomes significantly more manoeuvrable – traction improves.

When drivers have empty loads, they can hydraulically fold the trailers onto the back of the towing trucks.


This prevents drivers from having to pay additional fees on a trailer that’s not being used.German technology, a super good idea both to make drivers’ work easier and to save money.

This folding trailer is consisted of four hydraulic ranchets, a hydraulic coupling pin, stabilizers and of course the hydraulic semitrailer folding mechanism. In the video below, you are going to see how the folding process works. It is a self-folding trailer, but there must be someone to push the button.