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MOD Easy Retro Electric Bike with Sidecar


MOD BIKES is a boutique electric bike design house located in Austin, Texas, that offers high quality, low maintenance e-bikes built with the rider in mind. Our rider-focused electric bike collection offers a variety of e-bikes for every type of rider.

source/image: MOD BIKES

With a retro frame, a powerful motor, and a versatile sidecar attachment, Easy offers a whole lot of muscle in complete MOD style.nspired by World War II motorcycles, Easy captures history with its retro frame and iconic sidecar. Our goal was to craft a machine that would turn your commutes into inspiring moments.

Meet our iconic MOD Easy SideCar. Designed specifically for the MOD Easy, the sidecar offers a payload capacity of 120 lbs – so you can transport your extra cargo, little kids or even your furry friends. Strap on the goggles, cue the tunes and set off on your best adventure yet. The sidecar can be easily detached using 3 quick-release pins.


We partnered with industry leaders to develop an innovative system that is powerful, smart, and reliable. Easy delivers peak performance supporting speeds up to 28 MPH using a long-lasting geared-hub motor. The removable power pack is loaded with top of the line Samsung cells managed by an Advanced Digital Display.

Some Specifications:

  • Electric Modes Throttle & Pedal-Assist
  • Range Up to 45 miles / 72 km
  • Speed Up to 28 Mph / 45 Kph
  • Battery MOD Samsung Powerpack – Li-ion 48V 15Ah (720Wh)
  • Removable Battery Yes
  • Battery Weight 8.5 lbs / 3.85 kg
  • Motor MOD DRIVE 750W (Peak 1050W) rear brushless geared hub -Hengtai