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Modern Cutting-Edge Tanker Ships Design 3D Animation


Around the globe in the world sea lanes intercoastal waterways and deepwater ports day and night tankers transport petroleum that makes it possible for America to fuel up and go these tankers and the Mariners who operate them provide a vital connection to the energy we need but precautions must be taken the industry is ever vigilant ensuring the transportation is safe and incident-free spills from tankers are at the lowest levels on record with 99.99% of all oil delivered to the United States reaching destination without incident it all starts with Mariners who are highly trained and skilled professionals to even step foot on a tanker they must receive special licensing and credentials and must comply with ever-expanding regulations

source/image(PrtSc): Spill Prevention

Today’s cutting-edge tanker ships are the products of a commitment to safety, combined with the power of computer-assisted design. These new ships are stronger, more maneuverable, and more durable than their predecessors.Today Mariners operate modern tankers that are built to expect the unexpected with redundant technologies throughout the ship two independent GPS systems working in tandem to radar systems constantly scanning the surroundings there’s redundancy in all systems required to operate the ship safely. Watch the video from Spill Prevention for more info:

Below-deck tankers feature two identical engine rooms each capable of driving the ship the additional engine and propeller also means faster response and improved maneuverability modern tanker power systems are designed for direct command and control by a single officer which enables immediate speed and course changes in the event of critical situations.


By 2015 every tanker operating in US waters will feature a double hull configuration cargo is contained completely within a watertight inner hall if a breach occurs on the outer hull the inner hall prevents cargo from escaping with redundancy and sophisticated technology from stem to stern and a highly-trained captain andm crew transporting energy is indeed safer than ever.via: Spill Prevention

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