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Most Amazing Tiny Round Tree House Fully Suspended in the Air

The beauty of this wooden hanging sphere shelter brought tears to our eyes when we saw it in person. It’s an elegant, magical, hand crafted tiny house that hangs completely suspended from the trees around it.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

In this video we’re giving you a full tour of the interior of 2 spheres and we think you’ll love them!These wooden spheres, and later, fibreglass spheres, were built by a creative engineering genius named Tom Chudleigh.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

He didn’t only build the sphere structures, but he also built all of the unique space saving furniture inside and sculpted and cast his own bronze hardware for the doors and windows.


They’re located near Qualicum Beach (on Vancouver Island) in British Columbia, Canada.Tom and his wife are wonderful free spirits who welcomed us to their property to visit their spheres named Melody and Eryn during housekeeping hours.

These spheres are so popular that they’re almost completed booked year round.The inspiration is good here — who doesn’t want to live in a wooden sphere hanging from a tree?