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Most Efficient Car Ever Created The Mercedes EQXX


The Mercedes EQXX is the most efficient car Mercedes has ever created, and set out to achieve 1,000 kilometers on a single charge of a 100 kWh battery, with a goal of the elusive 10kWh/100km energy consumption benchmark. They did this by optimizing everything about the car for efficiency: aerodynamics, weight, rolling resistance, and powertrain efficiency.

source/image: Engineering Explained

It even has some solar panels for a little extra juice! Were they able to achieve nearly double the range of today’s EVs? Mercedes EQXX Assumptions.For the energy consumption vs speed plot (flat ground, constant speed) an assumption is made for the electrical consumption of the vehicle at 250W.

This value was chosen because Mercedes claims the solar setup on the EQXX is capable of generating (rough average) 25 km of range in a day. With an efficiency of 8.3kWh/100km, and knowing we get 25 km of range in a day from solar, we can divide 8.3kWh by 4 (25km = 1/4 of 100km) giving us a daily production of around 2 kWh from the solar system.


Let’s assume 8 hours of good daylight, so 2kWh/8hr = 250W. Mercedes also told me there were times the solar output exceeded the overall system energy required, meaning at times the system was operating under (the assumed) 250W solar output.