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Mother And Daughter Duo Built a DIY Tiny House


Holly made a big move with her daughter right before her senior year of high school. Instead of paying out-of-state college tuition plus dorm fees, they decided to move near the college and spend the money on a tiny home.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

Now the daughter has housing, a future investment, and got the opportunity to design a living space!

This tiny home is 24×8 ft and fully stocked. The kitchen holds a standard apartment fridge, a microwave, two burner stovetop, and a farmhouse sink.


There’s a washer and dryer in the small bathroom with a full tub, shower, toilet, and bright lighting above the sink. The loft is unique as you can fully stand up in it, and it’s large enough to host a queen bed with ample clothes storage. Not too shabby for college student accommodations!/Tiny Home Tours