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Mother Nature Tries To Create An Island Before Your Very Eyes – South Pacific


For every island that goes the way of the dodo bird, the Earth is busy creating new islands.Some erupt into being through volcanic activity. Others grow from ocean sandbars. Still others reveal themselves after glaciers retreat. A few are only temporary, while some materialize and erode on a regular basis. However they’re birthed and however long they last, island-building is part of the amazing mystery of our living, breathing planet.

source/image: Discovery Canada

Wanna see how a new island is made? Check out this fantastic show Mother Nature has put on in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the Solomon Islands. Watch the Kavachi undersea volcano as it erupts underwater. Will it finally make island status?

You’re watching the evolution of a brand new island after an underwater volcanic eruption breached the surface. Scientists still don’t know how the island has lasted this long.


One theory is that warm seawater interacted with the ash to form a hardier rock surface. Scientists soon hope to run chemical analysis on rock samples. To unlock the secrets of this young, mysterious island.

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