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Moving An 8 Million-Pound Heat Recovery Steam Generato


This odd-looking 12-story structure that floated down the Hudson River is an 8 million-pound heat recovery steam generator heading towards its final destination, PSEG’s new 7HA.02 power plant in Sewaren, New Jersey.

source/image: GE Power

The $195 million piece of equipment, a heat-recovery steam generator that is one of the essential components of a new, $600 million power plant being built by PSEG in Seawaren, N.J., is the latest structural marvel to be assembled at the port and shipped down the Hudson River.

The HRSG is just one component of the power plant project. The same contractors have also been assembling a total of 20 ACCs – Air Cooled Condensers – weighing between 210,000 and 420,000 pounds each.


The first set of ACCs was moved from the Port of Coeymans to New Jersey in late June, where they are being installed at the same power plant. The next set of ACCs is being transported by barge on Aug. 10, with the final set going about a week later.

VIA GE Power
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