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MTT-136 Aall-Terrain Electric Locomotive Sled


My Track Technologies has developed ecological and eco-friendly products which produce no smelly air pollution. These machines are completely electric and can be plugged in to recharge (just like your cell phone) for work or leisure purposes.

source/image(PrtSc): yvon martel

They are safe and reliable and represent a means of transportation somewhere between snowshoes and a motorized vehicle, thus occupying a very interesting market niche.

The MTT-136 it’s powered by an electric motor with a range of 450 km and features a tank-like mono-track that is capable of powering through all kinds of snowy terrain and can reach speeds of 40 km/h (24 mph) on open ground. According to the designer, the electrified sled has a recharge time of anywhere between 15 minutes and eight hours.


The sled’s electric system also doubles as a portable electric generator. A hidden plug-in port on the side of the sled allows users access to a 110V system that can be used to power electric tools, lighting, recharge other devices.

These devices will adapt to all types of activities to increase human productivity and enhance transportation in a non-polluting way.Models of the MTT can be personalized to meet individual needs like transporting people with reduced mobility, carrying critical first aid equipment for First Responders, or providing electrical energy in an emergency.

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