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Musician’s Dream Tiny House in France


This tiny house in France is a musicians dream and amazingly contains a full music studio within the small footprint of the home.

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

Not only does this tiny house contain a music studio but of course it’s also a fully functional home which beautifully encapsulates all of owner Guillaume’s needs.

As a musician myself, I’m totally enamoured with what Guillaume has created here. This is a fantastic home which dedicates a tremendous amount of space to what is obviously a true passion.


One of the core tenants of tiny house and small space design is to build in accordance with your need and desires. You need to make sure the home is constructed around how you personally intend to use your space and this home is a phenomenal example of that.We hope you enjoy the tour of this beautiful tiny house./Living Big In A Tiny House

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