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New 2023 Mercedes Electric eActros 300 Tractor First Look


This is the all new 2023 Mercedes eActros 300 Tractor. The drive unit consists of an electric rigid axle with two integrated electric motors, and two-speed transmission.

source/image: REC Anything

The two engines mounted centrally on the rear axle generate a continuous output of 330 kW and a peak output of 400 kW. Three battery packs are installed, each with an installed capacity of 112 kWh, allowing for an electric range of up to 220 kilometers.

The battery-powered tractor can be charged with up to 160 kW. The three battery packs take just over an hour to charge from 20 to 80 percent at a standard DC fast-charging station.


Features such as Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System, Turn Assist and fifth-generation Emergency Brake Assist, provide eActros with a high level of safety.The new electric tractor will be available starting 2nd half of 2023.

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