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New ABT AUDI RSQ8-R King Of The SUVs First Look And Drive

The Abt RSQ8-R is a performance SUV that packs a punch! Abt have taken the Audi RSQ8 to new heights and after a walkaround to take in all of the changes, let’s get the 740hp beast out to the Autobahn to put the foot down and see what it’s got.The Audi RSQ8 is the brand’s flagship performance SUV, and to celebrate their 125th anniversary, Abt take it even further beyond the Audi Sport offering with their RSQ8-R package.

source/image(PrtSc): Shmee150

125 units will be made in total, featuring the full conversion consisting of the carbon fibre exterior parts, 23″ wheels, exhaust system, power upgrade and interior finish.Power is up from 600hp to 740hp, torque jumps from 800Nm to 920Nm, and as a result the 0-100km/h cuts from 3.8s to 3.4s with a top speed them further raised from the optionally increased limit of 305km/h (190mph) to a huge 315km/h (196mph)./Shmee150

This particular car in Java Green is the company’s prototype that they have kindly allowed me to take a look at in detail.After a walkaround to go through all of the modifications and some background to the Audi RSQ8, let’s take it for a drive on both some smaller roads and then the de-restricted Autobahn.


After getting a feel for the drive on the twistier roads, then with some empty stretches to enjoy, the rate with which the numbers build for such a large machine are fairly incredible, heading to 281km/h (175mph) in a very small stretch.The RSQ8-R is quite possibly the King of the performance SUVs. The combination of practicality with immense pace, and surprisingly impressive driving dynamics for such a large and heavy machine is unknown prior.via/read more: Shmee150