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New Lincoln Model L100 Futuristic Concept


The new Model L100 Concept pays homage to the 1922 Lincoln Model L.The L100 Concept features sleek, aero-influenced styling and a futuristic design that involves Lincoln’s Quiet Flight DNA.Among the coolest features is a jewel inspired controller for the car, the unique door opening sequence and the cinema flooring.

source/image(PrtSc): Supercar Blondie

Created as an autonomous vehicle with an intelligent driving experience, connectivity and software-driven innovations, the Model L100 Concept advances Lincoln’s vision and paves the way for the brand to rethink mobility in the future. Watch the video from Supercar Blondie:

The Model L100 Concept uses next generation battery cell and pack technologies, which will deliver game changing energy density and enable efficient, structural integration by treating the entire vehicle as a system. The advanced approach will not only help deliver elegant design, but also maximize the interior cabin space, giving designers new flexibility to create the signature Lincoln experience of the future.


An interactive, center console chessboard features a jewel-inspired chess piece controller that captures light and depth by redefining the vehicle controls inside the cabin. The controller replaces the traditional steering wheel in this autonomous concept vehicle, making the vehicle experience intuitive and effortless.Driver-centric and social seating configurations allow for passenger engagement that can be tailored for the occasion.via/read more: lincoln

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