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New PAGANI HUAYRA R Track Hypercar First Look


Let’s check out the brand new Pagani Huayra R! Not only is it one of the most beautiful track cars of all time, with an 850hp naturally aspirated V12 that’s free from restrictions, it’s going to be something truly special. Join me for a first look at the Pagani factory in Italy!

source/image(PrtSc): Shmee150

Pagani will build a total of 30 units of the Huayra, heavily inspired by Horacio Pagani’s love of 24h Le Mans race cars like the Porsche 917 and Ferrari P4. It features an all new engine, codename V12 R developed with HWA, a 6 litre naturally aspirated V12 pushing out 850 horsepower and 750Nm. Unrestricted from road regulations allows both the design and technology to explore ideas we might see in the future.

Believe it or not, the Huayra R only shares 2 components with the Huayra road cars and those are the door mirrors and some of the bolts on the chassis. The car sits approximately 26cms longer than the standard Huayra for improved aerodynamics, including the 917-inspired rear wing with adjustable flaps.


The Huayra R is also an opportunity for the company to try out new features that might find their way into the next generation ‘C10’ model that will arrive in due course. For the time being, the 30 customers will be able to take part in the new Arte in Pista programme with like minded individuals and fellow owners to enjoy them in a safe environment./Shmee150

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