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New VOLVO VNL 2024 Luxury Hotel Room On Wheels


The new VOLVO VNL 2024 is focused on providing a comfortable and superior driving experience. This particular mega-cool truck includes spacious and well-designed cabin, advanced entertainment and connectivity options, ergonomic seating, and even amenities that make the driver’s experience more akin to staying in a hotel. The latest VNL update features our most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient package. In fact, with our XCEED package, the VNL offers up to a 16% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the baseline package.

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The VNL offers redesigned working and living spaces, optimized to put the driver comfortably in command, maximizing productivity. The selection of VNL sleeper and day cab models covers a wide range of highway applications, all offering unsurpassed driveability, safety, and comfort.

The Volvo D13 Turbo Compound engine now offers fuel savings for a wider variety of applications than ever before. Fleets that run variable load applications, including tanker, bulk haul and flat-bed deliveries, can benefit from Volvo’s next-generation Turbo Compound system. The D13 engine up front is said to be more fuel efficient and more durable, offering a range of outputs from 405 to 500 horsepower and from 1,748 to 1,947 pound-feet of torque.


The D13TC delivers extra horsepower while operating at lower RPM, so there’s less strain on the engine. The fixed geometry turbo is designed to meet the 1.2 million mile B50 life of the engine, with no extra maintenance required. The simplest turbocharger design is one whose turbine geometry are fixed. With fewer moving parts there is less chance for mechanical failure. Which is why the D13TC simple design makes it the most reliable engine we’ve ever built.