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Toyota Hilux Budget Friendly Camper Conversion


Hello there! Get ready to step inside Stella, Ryan’s meticulously crafted camper. This tour will guide you through each detail that makes Stella not just a vehicle, but a home. Tailored Design Innovations Just for You. A functional two-burner stove, complete with hot and cold water access, and an 80L water tank. A unique collapsible countertop made from wooden slats, enhancing space utility.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Secure compartments that neatly tuck away belongings for a clutter-free environment. Tech-Savvy Features for the Modern Nomad. Discover Ryan’s self-made open-source control panel powered by Raspberry Pi. An impressive solar setup with 800W panels and advanced Victron charge control. Temperature sensors connected via Bluetooth, providing vital information at a glance.

A Living Area That Transforms to Meet Your Needs. Two single beds that can be merged into a larger sleeping area for comfort or guest accommodation. Innovative throw pillows that double as storage spaces for bedding. Spacious overhead cabinets, perfectly sized for all clothing needs.


Entertainment and Workspace Conveniences. A 28-inch 4K screen that elegantly appears for work or leisure. A versatile workspace that adapts to your daily requirements. Sustainable Water and Power Solutions. An adequately sized fridge/freezer catering to solo travel needs. A powerful 2.56kWh battery system ensuring consistent energy supply. An outdoor shower setup for added convenience during your travels.